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– seasonal oysters  4,50 each

lunch dishes & salads

– bouillabaisse, crouton, rouille, trout roe – starter  16,50 / main   25
– shrimp croquettes with lime mayonnaise and green salad  16,50
– salad fish, scallop, prawns, tuna, salmon, fish of the day  25,50
– Caesar salad with chicken thigh, bacon, Parmesan, croutons (can also be ordered as vegetarian)  23
– salad Vlaar with fried king prawns, scallops, lobster, steak tartare, duck liver curls, Pata negra, lime cream  26,50
– salad of caramelized goatcheese, pear, syrup of red wine, thyme and beet, sugared cashew nuts  21,50


2- or 3-course lunchmenu  38,50 / 45

chef’s menu

In addition to the menu, we serve a daily composed menu, based on the season:
3-, 4- or 5 course menu   45 / 57,50 / 67,50


– plate with Pata negra 80 gr. and fried olives 16,50
traditional snacks from Heeren van Loosdrecht:
– mini shrimp croquettes with lime mayonnaise  14,50
– cheese sticks  11,50
– bitterballs with free-range meat from Gelders beef, French mustard and pickles  11,50
– vegetable bitterballs (vegan)  11,50


– tuna tataki, furikake, sweet sour cucumber, teriyaki sauce  19,50
– pickled cod, tom kha kai sauce, passion fruit gel, samphire, curry oil  18,50
– fried duck liver, apple tarte tatin, Calvados cravy  19,50
– crispy cauliflower, sweet and sour beech mushroom, lentil cream, raita emulsion 17,50
– scallop raviolo, beurre noisette, roasted scallop, hazelnut, herring caviar  19,75
– crispy fried sweetbreads, red onion cream, king boletus, black garlic cravy  19,50
– Stroganoff tartelette, shiitake, grilled bell pepper, roasted red onion, pepper foam  17,50
– steak tartare, classically prepared with sourdough crouton  19,50
  supplement duck liver curls 7,50
– bouillabaisse, crouton, rouille, trout roe  16,50

main dishes

– tournedos, mushrooms, parsnip, red wine gravy  37,50
  supplement fried duck liver  7,50
– turbot fried on the  bone, lobster risotto, spinach, hollandaise sauce  29,50
– domestic duck breast, chicory, crispy polenta, star anise gravy  27,50
– sole 500 gr. crispy fried with Frites uit Zuyd, green salad and beurre aromatique  49,50
– cannelloni of roasted peppers, eggplant, stewed leek, cumin sauce, crispy potato  25,50
– steak tartare, classically prepared with sourdough crouton and Frites uit Zuyd   26,50
  supplement duck liver curls  7,50
– fish of the day daily price
– bouillabaisse, crouton, rouille, trout roe  25
– veal cheek slowly cooked, potato muslin, chantenay carrots, veal gravy  31,50


– moulleux au chocolat, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream  13
– tiramisu, mascarpone, espresso, amaretto, white chocolate ice cream 13,50
– baba au rhum, mango curd, passion fruit and mango sorbet  13
– chef’s dessert  13
– cheese platter with 4 domestic and foreign cheeses of ‘Echte Liefde’  16,50
– lemon sorbet scroppino, cava and vodka  9,50


The chef’s menu is created daily based on the season and our favorite products. You can order this gastronomic menu for both lunch and dinner, from two to five courses. Vegetarian? Then ask about the vegetable menu.


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